Diving The HMNZS Canterbury – Matthew Franks

HMNZS Canterbury


Some people see diving as an ordinary sport whereas I see it as a true lifestyle. An ever changing environment with unfathomable sights waiting under the glassy sheen of our waters.


I recently had the chance to go to what has to be one of the most amazing shipwrecks in the world, the HMNZS Canterbury. The old navy frigate now teeming with all sorts of aquatic species awaits exploration.


All geared up and ready to get into the water having no idea what awaited me. As we glided down the decent line into the crystal bay of islands water we were greeted by a school of stunning Blue mau mau and demoistle. The seemingly pristine wreck appearing in front of us, with beautiful anemones lining her side, After Finding our way to the old hanger we turned on our lights and began our adventure. Following the guideline we explored the eerie hallways and swam amongst clouds of glassfish between all of the weathering walls lay a single chair left as untouched as it were on the day of the ships sinking. After passing the odd kingfish and twenty pound snapper we came to our exit point the ex mounting position of the ships cannon. The perfect end point to an even more perfect dive.


The HMNZS Canterbury is just one of those dives that really get the blood pumping and is definitely one more tick off the diving bucket list. A must see for any avid diver.


Matthew Franks

Dive Instructor.


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