July Monthly Madness Prize – Oceanic Geo 2 Dive Watch

July Monthly Madness Prize – Oceanic Geo 2 Dive Watch


The Oceanic Geo 2 is a great entry level wrist mounted computer. So stylish you could wear it in and out of the water. The wide selection of colours will allow you to match your outfit whether it be on a tropical beach or penetrating a wreck at 30 metres under torch light. A simplistic menu orientation and 4 buttons allow for ease of use. Capable of adjusting for enriched air levels right up to 100% O2 with separate gas mixes. For the first-time dive computer buyers, not being restricted to where the high-pressure hose can reach gives you an unfamiliar feeling of freedom.


The display itself is simple and easy to understand (paired with a lovely laminated instruction for use card). Getting in the water needs no effort aside from securely attaching it to your wrist. (or leg we won’t judge you for it.) Whilst in the water, reading the display is very straight forward, everything important is right in front of my eyes. My depth, bottom time, no decompression limit, ascent rate meter and tissue loading graph. Probably my favourite thing is not having to scroll through the entire list of dives or options like those single button operation computers. If I just happen to miss what I’m looking for because I hit the button one time too many I can scroll backwards! Get rid of the console computer and your old G-Shock at the same time and purchase one of these gems.


Features Include:

  • The Geo 2.0 Dive Computer is powered by Oceanic’s Exclusive Dual Algorithm™ – Your choice between Pelagic DSAT (Spencer/Powell data basis) or Pelagic Z+ (Buhlmann ZHL-16C data basis)
  • Operating Modes: WATCH (Alternate Time, Chrono, Daily Alarm, Countdown Timer), NORM (Air and Nitrox), GAUGE (with run timer) and FREE (tracks calculations to allow switching between NORM and Free)
  • User-Friendly Interface with “Step Back” – allows forward and backward navigation through menus and settings
  • Switch between up to 2 Nitrox mixes to 100% O2 with no restriction (Gas 1 may be up to 100%, and may be less or greater than Gas 2)
  • Stop times <3 minutes – displays minutes & seconds Deep Stop with Countdown Timer – Maybe turned on or off. 2-minute countdown at half your max depth, for dives greater than 80 ft / 25m
  • Single button access to “Last Dive” display (max depth& bottom time)
  • Data Retention – maintains calculations indefinitely when the battery is changed
  • The Geo 2.0 dive computer has an audible alarm with flashing LED light
  • 24 dive on-unit log book
  • History Mode includes total number of dives, max depth, total dive hours, and lowest temp
  • The Geo 2.0 comes with optional PC Interface with OceanLog Download and Settings Upload
  • Firmware Auto-Update: download and install the latest firmware – these may be operational improvements or even new features

Spend $100 in store anytime during the month of July to go in the draw!

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