Auckland Scuba

Service Department

Regulator Servicing

Regular servicing of your Air Delivery & Buoyancy Systems by a qualified professional is essential. We have many years experience and are qualified to service most common models of equipment on site. Most manufacturers recommend annual servicing which involves a strip, clean and rebuild to ensure safe and reliable performance from your equipment.

Servicing can take a few days (especially in the lead up to summer holidays) so drop your equipment off early to ensure it will be ready on time.

As with all servicing the cost varies depending on what parts are required. For a regulator service we charge $75 plus GST for labour plus the cost of parts. For a BCD service we charge $35 for labour plus parts where necessary. Our staff can provide estimates prior to the repair starting. 

Cylinder Testing

It is a legal requirement to have your Scuba Cylinder either hydrostatically pressure tested or visually inspected every year.

To check if it is in date find the most recent date stamped on the top of the cylinder.
If the date is more than 12 months old, check if there is a plastic tag with a date around the valve. If there is no plastic tag, then a visual inspection is needed. This costs $35 including a fill.

If the date is more than 24 months old then the cylinder needs a hydrostatic test. This costs $50 including a fill.

It is a good idea to make a note of the date in the diary as it is illegal for filling stations to fill an out of date cylinder (which can be very inconvenient sometimes).