The MuC, Majestic Unicorn Cove

The dive site was named by one of our Divemasters in 2014 (Lisa Larsson) after she completed her mapping project and RAM’s sheets. This then allows us to dive it as a company.

Located at the end of Harbour View Road in Leigh. You will locate a cemetery on the left and a great view out the front. To the left near the cemetery is the access to The MUC.

The access has recently had an upgraded track down a large number of stairs makes this site so much more accessible, even in the rain but still a bit of a steep trek. Just down the road from the general store and fish and chip shop for a post-dive feed.


Park up at the culdesac by the Cemetary and kit up before walking down the newly made stairs. Once you’re at the bottom you can enter straight from the shore but be careful on the slippery boulders hidden by mid-tide. Or walk up onto the rocks and find a spot deep enough to giant stride closer to where you want to start your dive.


From the shore, you get small stones/sandy bottom in the shallows, and then it becomes rocky with the odd boulder before at about 8-10m deep it opens up to a kelp forest.

Level of Training:

Nice easy dive for anyone fit enough to walk their gear back up the stairs. It’s a fantastic challenge and a well worth it dive site.

Points of Interest:

Plenty to see here, lots of cray cracks and octopus holes or you can get a good amount of depth heading out past the large pinnacle just out east of the entry point. I’ve seen butterfish and large Snapper or Kingfish in the area plus all the usual suspects.

Written by: Patrick Burke

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

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