The Lake Pupuke Mapping Project

The Lake Pupuke Mapping Project

Date- 14/06/2018

As apart of our Divemaster training we were assigned a mapping project as a collective group we decided on Lake Pupuke as a prime mapping location. So we set out in teams of three each with a responsibility.


First was Nick who was responsible for the compass & direction of our dive. Second Alex was responsible for taking down the depths & any notable bearings during the mapping process. Lastly, I was responsible for taking down any notable features in our maps location like the location of certain weeds & cones.

Together we mapped out an area that was approx twenty fin kicks in each box direction.

As the topography was very silty we as a group had to be mindful of the area itself as any wrong kicks we could no longer be properly seeing the bottom. We decided as a team to use a “U” pattern to obtain as much information opting for two fin kicks out towards to middle & ten fin kicks across the area.


After we had collected our data we transferred this onto paper & shared the information throughout our group so we could all compose our maps independently & hand in for our assignments.


Working as a team made it easy as there was so much information that needed to be gained for the map itself thus delegating tasks out made the whole process easier. Also, the search pattern we used to map out the area made it easier to pick up the minor details in the landscape rather than a broader search pattern where we may have missed things. After all the information we gathered & hours spent debating the size of rocks,
we all brought together beautifully accurate but badly drawn maps.

Larissa Long.

Pupukemap edit (1 of 1)


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