Hollis M1 Mask – An owners review

I think there are two things that make a dive unbearable Visibility and being cold.

Not only does the Hollis M1 mask look ultra cool but it’s comfortable for hours and its crystal clear lens is made from Saint-Gobain Diamant glass. This glass is often used for museum exhibits for its distinct lack of colour distortion and clarity. It has an amazingly wide field of view and is a very low volume which makes it a great all rounder from free diving to rebreather diving and everything in between.


The comfort is due to its frameless 100% pure silicon skirt, I’ve had this on my face for dives over 3 hours with no problems it is so soft and gentle even on my philtrum which in other masks I’ve had has ended up chaffed and sore after even a 40min dive.


This mask is something you can put on and go diving, you almost forget it’s there with its comfort and clarity. Some people won’t fit this mask but if you can I would highly recommend it as your next mask.


Patrick Burke.

rb on surface

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