COVID-19 Update

While the world goes crazy, we are trying to maintain a level of normalcy here in the store. We want to assure all our customers that while it is business as usual, we take the health of our customers and staff very seriously…

For that reason we are respectfully requesting anyone who is feeling unwell to put their visit to the store on hold for now… we promise we’ll be here (and SUPER excited to see you ) when you’re feeling better!

We have upped the ante on the sanitisation procedures of our rental equipment, the equipment you bring in for servicing, and in (and around) the store. Our product of choice is Steramine (feel free to Google that one – it destroys all bacteria and viruses at the molecular level, i.e. it’s a nuclear bomb for germs).

All our courses and trips are running as per usual.

We are respectfully requesting people come and speak to us if they want to handle merchandise, as there are sanitisation procedures in place for any merch that has been handled.

One of the safest places to be right now is underwater – not to mention, it’s keeping us all sane during these crazy times! So if you’re healthy and well – don’t be afraid to join us for one of our dive trips or courses, we’d love to see you!

We’ll continue to monitor updates and guidelines, so that our activities are in line with recommendations aimed to keep us all safe.

Stay healthy and well, fellow divers,
From your Auckland Scuba Team

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