People ask me, why a SCUBA diver?

People often ask me why a scuba diver? Well here it is… Have you ever in your life wanted to be a mermaid? Be able to breath underwater and become friends with all the fish and marine life? Well that’s exactly what it’s like. We are the only people that get to experience first-hand the true beauty of the ocean and become an ambassador of the sea.

Octopus come out of their homes to come say hello and hold your hand, fish surround you with no fear, stingrays swim gracefully past. Why wouldn’t you want to scuba dive? It gives you awesome travel opportunities and you get to make friends with the same interest and hobbies but most of all it gives the marine life a voice.

Scuba diving allows us to see the beauty but also change in the sea’s environment and marine life, it’s truly an amazing indescribable experience and would highly recommend to anyone to give it a go I couldn’t imagine a better career to get into.

By Aimey Matthews

 (PADI Rescue Diver)


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