May 2019 Monthly Madness Prize – PADI Enriched Air Course

May 2019 Monthly Madness Prize – PADI Enriched Air Course


As a diver you know that you are limited on bottom time due to the Nitrogen we breathe in.  When diving 16 metres or shallower, you can stay for up to an hour if you have enough air.  But go a little deeper and your bottom time is reduced dramatically.


Well why not extend your bottom time by using Enriched Air Nitrox?  With more Oxygen and less Nitrogen, you get longer under the water if you take enough gas with you.


The course involves a small manual to read and complete, an evening session with an instructor to show you how to plan, calculate and analyse “Nitrox”.   You will then need to come for 2 fun dives with your instructor, (what a shame), so they can sign you off.


The PADI Enriched Air Nitrox specialty also counts towards one of the 5 PADI specialties you need to

gain the Master Scuba Diver qualification.


Spend $100 in store any time during the month ofMay to go intothis prize draw!

*Terms and conditions apply

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