Rainbow warrior dive with Auckland scuba Autumn 2018


Rainbow warrior dive with Auckland scuba Autumn 2018


All aboard the Whakaari express

Tanks stacked, gear stowed, final checks and ropes away


Through the fog we steamed passing ships in the shadows, an adventure awaits us, the warrior once afloat her worries now no more.


Tied off to the buoy we donned our gear, straps we tightened and fins squeezed on as final checks were done and over the side we go.


As the surface grew more and more distant so to the worries of life. I’m here to dive, to enjoy this life.

A ship so once full of life, nothing has changed except the crew their faces, their scales and teeth. Not one of them to ask if you want a cup of tea..


The blast hole so big, so jagged and rough my thoughts pause to mourn the loss of a life so young and unlived, a new lease of life this ship now gives.


Many eyes watching as I peek inside, colours glistening and shimmering with life, to say I found a great treasure wouldn’t be hard to behold.

For hours, for days I wanted to stay but my buddies breathing, the bubbles he blows, it was time to rise to ascend. But do not worry for I will be back my dear friend.


Hand over hand we climbed aboard, our bodies now heavy with the memories adorred. With laughter and smiles tanks were stacked and gear was stowed, final checks were done and off we go.


Only time will tell how long she will last, the sand it grows to cover her like snow. Time is ticking before her final bow, make sure you book that dive before all is farewell.

Malcolm Pearson.

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