Taupo dive trip – A look backwards

Taupo Drift dive trip.


Dipsi 1 Hijacked Dipsi 2 Taupo trip. It was a great opportunity for the two groups to bond and dive together.


Day one:

Driving down and snorkeling the Waikato River from Cherry Island to Reids Farm with a stop at the natural hot springs and an epic jump near the start of the drift.

Then a little rock climbing to ease us into the evening. Climbing until the sun went down ready for our night dives at Kinloch… Where someone forgot their light so onto the next day.


Day two:

Dipsi 1 Briefed Dipsi 2 on Altitude diving and then each of us took two divers and tried to keep our group together. I had a buddy separation incident which resulted in a perfect 1min look around followed by meeting at the surface, minimal time wasted at the surface so we could all enjoy the epicness that is drift diving the Waikato river!

More climbing at Kinloch but this time dive lights in hand!

Night dives at Kinloch were pretty chilly… but we stuck it out, two dives a bunch of skills and a few thermoclines, hundreds of Koura and a couple of catfish.


Day three:

More drift dives this time briefed for the drift diving unit standard and away we went. Spent a bit of time looking under the bungy for treasure with minimal luck… I found 20 Mongolian cents.


All round another great trip with Auckland Scuba.

Patrick Burke



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