Instructor Development Course New Zealand

Rescue for Instructors… Rescue Masters of the Universe

The Rescue diver course is an extremely popular and rewarding programme offered by PADI. Because of this, potential instructors need to be masters in all rescue skills, Especially the Rescue exercise 7. Rescue exercise 7 is widely regarded as one of the most important individual skills in the entire IDC and DIPSI program. We first learn it in the Rescue course, fresh off the back of our Advanced Open Water. Comprising of several key components, the skill is designed to teach rescuers how to effectively provide rescue breaths and remove a victims equipment (and their own) all while towing the individual back to safety. As you can imagine this has the potential to save lives in the unlikely event it is needed in a real life scenario. This is why so much emphasis is put on mastering the skill in the IDC. During the IDC we run through a Rescue 7 workshop. Essentially learning how to effectively demonstrate the Rescue 7 exercise. Personally I found this skill particularly difficult to master due to the physically demanding nature of it. On an exceptionally windy Thursday morning, myself and the other 4 IDC candidates headed out to Lake Pupuke for our Rescue 7 workshop. Conditions were choppy, which added another variable to the already intricate Rescue 7. Protecting the victims airway from the incoming waves proved especially difficult for many. However through patience and determination (and some very helpful guidance from our Course Director) we all managed to complete the skill to mastery by the end of the day. Mastering the Rescue 7 in harsh conditions as part of the IDC has by far been the most rewarding challenge to overcome thus far. It has also provided the extra confidence needed leading up to our instructor exam. I now look forward to teaching PADI Rescue courses as part of my instructor career and can’t wait to watch future students overcome the same obstacles I faced as the confidence gained is definitely worth the challenge!

-Sarah Sheehan

Instructor Development Course New Zealand

Taking the IDC group through Rescue Exercise 7 at Lake Pupuke… They loved it lol

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