Hollis NeoTek

Recently I realised there was a need for change, I was getting cold underwater on long dives so looked into dry suits, realising that the water is gradually warming up I decided not to go for a full dry suit but to try out the Hollis NeoTek semi-dry. It had great reviews on the internet and seemed to have everything I needed, thickness, built in hood and thigh pockets. The price is extremely reasonable compared to a lot of brands that provide a similar suit at $699. My suit before was a 7mm semi-dry but I needed to use a lavacore with it to keep warm, I decided to take the neotek on its first test run at Goat Island, the water was 14 degrees but it didn’t feel cold at all, the stitching on the suit is all sealed so it doesn’t leak and wont come unstitched either. The dive went smoothly and I have been using the NeoTek with no under garments ever since, this is by far the warmest suit I have worn and will be perfect for both summer and winter as during the summer I will be running Technical courses and doing 50m dives in New Zealand its bound to get chilly down there not to mention the prolonged exposure of a 60-70min dive. I believe this suit is going to stand the test of depth and time!!!

Lets face it, no one wants to be cold on their dives so come in and have a look at this epic new suit from Hollis. You wont be disappointed.

The Hollis NeoTek is a unisex semi-dry suit.

The Hollis NeoTek is a unisex semi-dry suit.

Chris Hailey

PADI Technical Instructor Trainer

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