Callum’s Cavalli Experience

The Cavalli Experience What can I say about the Cavalli Islands? Its hidden reefs and protruding pinnacles are truly a sight to behold. The Cavalli Islands are teeming with all sorts of aquatic life. On the first day of our trip we set out to the Cavalli Islands where our first stop was the rainbow warrior wreck, being my first wreck dive, I was a bit nervous but I had never experienced anything like it in my life, observing a piece of New Zealand history at twenty five metres below, is something i’ll never forget. Our next dive location was True Love Reef, we could only see the tip of this colossal pinnacle as the boat approached it but little did I know, I was about to backwards roll into another word. True Love reef was “swimming” with wild life, as my buddy and I made our way around the pinnacle, we saw lots of different coloured fish in the masses. Over the next few days we dove several different isolated reefs within the Cavalli Islands, all of them had their own unique, beautiful qualities but most of all, everywhere we went was so much fun. I only wish I could’ve stayed longer.

Callum Donald

DIPSI 2 Student

Callum couldn't contain his excitement

Callum couldn’t contain his excitement

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