Buoyancy Clinics

Attend our buoyancy clinics and become a buoyancy ninja!

Astronauts and scuba divers have a common trait, they are operating in a zero gravity state – that is if the diver has achieved neutral buoyancy. Neutral buoyancy is a condition where you neither sink nor float, and is as close to zero gravity as you can get on earth except for when you are on “zero G” aircraft rides and those only last a few minutes.

A neutrally buoyant diver might not be practicing a skill to make a repair in space but they are practicing a skill that will give them a longer and safer dive. Attending our clinics will help you develop and practice your skills to become the ultimate buoyancy master.



How will you benefit from proper buoyancy control?

The truth is that achieving neutral buoyancy will, indeed, make you a better diver overall. In becoming a better and stronger diver, you’ll be able to enjoy your dives more.

Proper weighting is a significant step in achieving neutral buoyancy.

If a diver carries too much weight, they may be able to establish and maintain a neutral state, but they are doing so by using a greater amount of air in the BCD to counter the extra weight. This also leads to additional air consumption due to the added resistance of the inflated BCD.

A diver even slightly under weighted will find themselves fighting to maintain a depth for a safety stop and from floating up at the end of the dive when they do not want to.

Divers who are properly weighted will find it easier to maintain neutral buoyancy and consequently, will use less air and gain a longer dive time because they do not have the issues that divers who are over or under weighted. Being properly weighted for your dive will also result in feeling more comfortable overall.


The Buoyancy Clinics

The clinics are open to divers of all levels – ranging from newly certified open water divers through to experienced divers. We will develop the skills you already have and continue to refine and enhance them so that you can become a better, more advanced diver.

These clinics will show you the importance of proper weight selection, tank positioning, and weight distribution. You’ll be able to properly trim your gear so you can be perfectly balanced, allowing you to move smoothly through the water and hover easily in a horizontal or, even, a vertical position.

We have set out a variety of skills, tasks and obstacles ranging from novice to expert that you can come along and practice during the clinics – until you become a buoyancy ninja!


Where: AUT Millenium Pool, 17 Antares Pl, Rosedale, Auckland

When: 19th September / 17th October / 14th November / 12th December

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Cost: $39

Note: The cost includes the use of scuba equipment but not mask, fins, boots – please provide your own.


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