Adventure Based Learning Weekend

This weekend our Divemaster trainees were out in the sun at Long Bay regional park and Rosedale park teaching each other new games. Each had to do a skill based game a co-operation based game and a trust-based game. We all had a blast!


Many of the games included blindfolds which are perfect for trust games and cooperation games alike. Things like blindfolded obstacle course where you could only verbally communicate as the leader of your blindfolded teammate and it was a race to see which team could finish the course the fastest. Or walking through a simulated minefield with only the voice of your teammate to navigate the grid. We even had two blindfolded, non-dominant hand and no talking being guided by two others who could see and could not touch while putting together a bcd, cylinder and regulator set up. Talk about frustrating to watch!


Other games included building things, we had marshmallow and spaghetti towers. A competition of who could build the tallest tower and conveniently enough each team had a builder and a scientist. Two similar designs with the most complicated one falling under the weight of the marshmallow.


We had games where only the body and or mind were needed. Human knot where we got into a circle holding hands and sung kumbayah.. I mean held hands with different people not including the person next to you and tried to untangle ourselves without breaking the connections. Or a good old fashion riddle and a classic game of who am I with a heartwarming message of not all stereotypes are correct.


There was even a game where there was a picture one side and one of the pair had to describe what the other one was to drawer without saying what it was, needless to say, the drawings were pretty special and very inaccurate.



With three games each, it was a fun-filled two days out in the fresh air. It was a good laugh with a bit of oversharing, a little closer than we’d usually get and a lot of smiles.


Thanks to the making a Divemaster crew! I love teaching you guys but can’t wait to get you all certified as Divemasters and onto assisting me on my other courses!

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