Hollis Neotek 8/7/6 – An owners review

I got the Hollis Neotek 8/7/6 because I had heard great things and winter had started and 40-minute dives were almost unbearable in my (used to be 7mm) open cell wetsuit with well over 200 dives to its name.


I am currently diving in 16-degree water without any other layers under my Neotek and after 3 x 40-minute dives am I starting to get cold and mainly in my feet which aren’t even covered by the Neotek. As I frog kick I get the odd Warm flush of water up my back (it’s not pee I swear!) and it is absolutely amazing, There is a thick pad running down the spine of the suit for comfort and on other suits I’ve noticed that’s where I used to get cold first. Not with the Neotek. The “ThermaSkin” inner lining is amazing to get into compared to other suits even when it is wet I don’t get that cold shock getting into it.


The pockets are great. They have sewn in D-rings and have enough room to fit a 40-meter wreck reel and DSMB in one pocket. Perfect positioning as well, in sidemount it is easy enough to just reach around your tank and get into the pocket. I once saw someone had cut the pockets off because they didn’t look cool… I completely disagree, this is a very cool looking suit and within a month of diving they had massive regrets. These pockets are EPIC!


My only regret is not getting this suit sooner. I’m quite resilient to the cold as it is so I really didn’t know how good everyone had it compared to me in my old suit.  I had to add pockets to my BCD and clip things here and there. Now I’m warm, streamline and looking good.


Patrick Burke.Neotek use2

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