Nick completing his Hollis Explorer Rebreather course

Hollis Explorer Rebreather Course

Congratulations to Nick on completing his Hollis Explorer SCR rebreather crossover course. Nick is already a PADI Advanced Rebreather instructor on the Poseiden Rebreather, and no doubt you will see him out and about with this white Hollis unit on his back clocking up hours towards his instructor rating on yet another rebreather…soon to be followed by other members of the Auckland Scuba Team !

Nick completing his Hollis Explorer Rebreather course

Nick completing his Hollis Explorer Rebreather course

The Hollis Explorer is aimed at recreational divers and uses nitrox in a single cylinder as the supply gas. However, this light and simple to set up unit is packed with advanced features including:

  • 3 oxygens cells to reliably maintain the correct gas in the loop.
  • ability to change the set point to optimize the no decompression limits and gas use.
  • A carbon dioxide analyser to warn against CO2 scrubber breakthrough.
  • A srubber monitor stick to monitor the efficiency of the CO2 scubber canister.
  • Auto draining counterlungs to remove any water which may have entered the loop.
  • High performance bail out valve (BOV)
  • Head up display and buddy warning lights to indicate if there are any problems.
  • Vibrating mouthpiece providing a tactile warning of problems with the unit.

Auckland Scuba provides the PADI Rebreather and PADI Advanced rebreather courses for both the Hollis Explorer and Poseidon Seven rebreathers. We also provide PADI Instructor level training for those interested in diving and training others in the silent world of rebreathers.

For more information simply contact us or pass by the store to see the full range of rebreathers that we cater for.

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