Ryan completing his PADI Sidemuont Instructor Training at Auckland Scuba

An Interview with Ryan Hooper

I had gone through much of my adult life wandering, with no real definable purpose. Then events somewhat changed that, I began rebuilding myself looking for a passion, a challenge. As if by chance I was thrust into the world of scuba diving, never looking back or dwindling upon a forethought. The course is more than the simple outlines that you would think such a tale contains. It taught me things about myself, it gave me a purpose, a reason to wake up smiling. No words written on this page could whole heartedly describe the experiences, the character building I was oblivious to. As they say, its all easy in retrospect.

The people I went through the journey with and the instructors are a merit to all that is diving, all genuine, kind and inherently patient, helping us along the dimly lit path they themselves had walked shedding light on the passing shadows.

Ryan Hooper
PADI Specialty Instructor

Check out the intervierws and videos we shot with these guys throughout the DIPSI program here:

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