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An Interview with Charlie

Charlie Reese

I started the Diploma of scuba instruction course because id hit a point in my life where I had taken hospitality and café/bar work as far as I was willing to take it. Id always been drawn to the ocean and water sports, having been surfing for years and spending time fishing with my family members I had done a bit of diving before the course and had my PADI Open Water, PADI Boat and PADI Naturalist Specialty Certifications.

After finding the course I decided to sign up and go down the path of making diving a full time lifestyle. After completing the course with Auckland Scuba I feel like I have enough knowledge and experience to write a novel. I couldn’t have imagined spending the year any other way than with the amazing people on the course.

If you are thinking about taking this course or changing your life to become a full time scuba instructor then this course will not only give you the necessary qualifications but the atmosphere provided at the facility (Auckland Scuba) will generate friendships that feel like they will last forever. The Instructors and Course Directors can sometimes be tough on you but they are following standards to make sure you meet the highest possible standard of PADI Instructor and you will build a great mentor/student relationship with them.

Charlie Reese
PADI Specialty Instructor


Check out Charlies interveiw and underwater footage of him on course here :

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