HMNZS Waikato Wreck

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    Dive the wreck of the HMNZS Waikato in Ngunguru Bay

    • The 113m ex-naval frigate sits on a sandy sea floor in at roughly 30 metres
    • The wreck was purposely scuttled for diving in late 2000
    • Major storms have actually torn the wreck in half near the bridge of the ship, the ship now lies at roughly a 45 degree angle on its port side
    • The lean makes navigating the ship an interesting and unforgettable experience
    • Unlike the HMNZS Canterbury the Waikato was sunk with its cannon and one of her two propellers making for some awesome photo opportunities
    • Similarly, the open helicopter hangar toward the stern of the ship provides an excellent opportunity for photos and exploration
    • The wreck attracts large schools of Blue Maomao, Snapper, Kingfish among other species
    • The Waikato Wreck dive is better suited to more advanced divers that are comfortable at depth and have some experience behind them
    • However this dive can be used as part of an Advanced Course
    • Compliments the diving at the nearby Poor Knights
    • Typically leave from Tutukaka Marina
    • The trip is approximately 25 minutes from the marina

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