2nd Skin Mens 1.5mm Shorty


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    The 2ndSkin Shorty from Mares is a 1.5mm neoprene shorty which can be worn alone for snorkelling and scuba diving in warm waters or underneath the 2ndSkin wetsuit for fantastic warmth in cold waters. The shorty has been constructed from Metalite which has body heat reflecting effect which retains the heat in your body. Leg extremeties are constructed from GlideSkin and this with the neck closure and 0.5mm hood creates a fantastic water resistant shorty.
  • specifications

    • Thermo Plush internal fabric is soft, durable and designed to increase free movement. It also prevents the suit retaining water, helps the suit dry faster and keeps you warm.
    • Spine pad, which is an additional layer of thick neoprene, has been stitched under the back zipper and is designed to provide more comfort during a dive and reduces the discomfort of the tank on your back. The smooth external skin perfectly sticks to the inner part of the zipper which creates a superb seal.
    • Custom closure. The neck closure system allows for easy customization of neck fittings and new velcro tags moulded in rubber are used to minimise snagging of the neoprene. Back and front zips provide skin on skin zipper seals for a superior water barrier.
    • SilverSeal titex zips are used which are extremely strong but it is recommended that they are lubricated regularly.

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